Performing Duties Overseas

Creating New Cooperation Opportunities

It practices opening-up on a high level to promote the high-quality development of Belt and Road Initiatives, adhere to the principles of consultation, joint contributions and shared benefits. We aim to uphold the concepts of environmental-friendliness, openness and integrity, and deepens practical cooperation.

  • North America

    Sinopec cooperates with North America in crude oil trade, petroleum exploration and development, to promote the local economic and social development and achieve win-win benefits. At the same time, Sinopec maintains legal operations, honestly paying taxes, employing local workers, and protecting the local …

  • Europe

    Sinopec mainly conducts businesses such as trading in crude oil and chemical products, and refinery engineering in Europe. We cooperate with regional petrochemical enterprises to share resources and promote industrial development. In promoting the businesses, Sinopec strictly adheres to …

  • Middle East

    The Middle East Region has abundant oil and gas resources and plays a key role in the world's oil and gas industries. With China's economic development, the demand for oil and gas is on the rise, and the Middle East has become an important partner. Sinopec is mainly engaged in oil and gas resource …

  • Central Asia-Russia Region

    The Central Asia - Russia Region is an important source of oil and gas that plays a significant role in the world's energy patterns. Sinopec cooperated with local enterprises for oil and gas exploration, developed trade, performed chemical project construction and chemical product trade. It also undertook refinery …

  • South America

    Sinopec is mainly engaged in oil & gas exploration and development in 6 countries and regions in South America. The Company aims to build a harmonious oil region by tax contributions and assist in infrastructure construction. These activities will tackle the problem of employment by …

  • Asia-Pacific Region

    In the face of complicated market environments, Sinopec actively participates in international cooperation to a broad field and at a higher level. It has intensive cooperations with Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia and other Asia-pacific countries. These activities include oil …

  • Africa

    Africa is an important part of the Belt and Road Initiative. Adhering to the principle of mutual benefit and development, Sinopec conducts businesses such as oil & gas resource investment, engineering technical services and crude oil trade with African countries including Angola, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana …

  • Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan of China

    Sinopec is mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of gasoline and diesel, LNG and fuel oil as well as the trade of various finished oils. As of 2020, Sinopec has 54 gas stations in Hong Kong, guaranteeing the supply of energy to local people. Sinopec pays taxes in accordance with the laws. We also carry …

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