Key Engineering
and Construction

In 2020, we launched 46 key engineering and construction projects covering oilfield service, refining & chemical and pipeline, storage and transportation. 2 oil and gas field surface engineering projects, 34 refining and chemical units, 4 sets of oil and gas storage and transmission facilities and pipelines were completed and put into use. 120 major production units in 5 subsidiaries were shut down for overhaul.

Key oil and gas field surface engineering projects. Jiangdong block and produced water collection and treatment system of the surface engineering for Fuling shale gas field phase II production capacity construction project were completed and put into operation. The first phase of Weirong shale gas field production capacity construction surface engineering project was basically completed, 5 gas production platforms were put into operation, and the overall progress of the second phase project was 48%. 86.7% of the overall schedule had been completed for the Ordovician production capacity construction surface engineering in Shunbei oil and gas field area 1 with the 110kV power transmission and transformation project mechanically completed and No. 5 combined station stepping up construction.

Key oil refining and chemical engineering projects. Projects including Sinopec Zhongke refining and chemical integration, refining structural adjustment in Sinopec Tianjin, Luoyang and Maoming, EVA in Sinopec Yangzi, catalytic cracking project in Sinopec Jingmen, and continuous reforming in Yanshan were completed and ready for operation. The polypropylene units of Gulei integrated refining and chemical project was mechanically completed, and the first and second circulating water fields, 220 kV main substation and other public facilities were put into operation in succession. 53.5% of the overall project schedule in ZRCC base was completed with the stripper hoisted in place. The overall progress of ethylene debottlenecking transformation project in Sinopec-SK was 94.4%, the concrete, ground pipes and steel structure construction of the PP plant were completed, and the concrete pouring and ground pipe construction of HDPE plant entered the final stage. The relocation and upgrading project of the caprolactam industrical chain in Baling officially kicked off. Sinopec Hainan ethylene, Sinopec-SABIC polycarbonate, Jiujiang aromatics, Sinopec Baling SEBS and other projects were advanced in full swing. Sinopec Anqing, Yangzi oil refining restructuring and other projects were under construction preparation.

Key oil and gas storage and transportation projects. The connecting lines of Puguang gas field pipeline 1# - 4#, Zhanjiang-Beihai oil product pipeline and Sinopec Zhongke integrated gas transmission pipeline were completed and put into operation. Shandong LNG (phase II), Tianjin LNG (phase II) and Jintan gas storage stepped up construction. Seven projects including Rizhao-Puyang-Luoyang and Dongjiakou-Dongying crude oil pipelines, Qingdao-Nanjing gas pipeline, Qianjiang-Shaoguan gas pipeline, Guangxi trunk pipeline, Shixing station tie line of Shaoguan-West-East gas pipeline No.2, and the gasification and export capacity expansion of Guangxi LNG terminal were successfully handed over to PipeChina.

Supporting Facilities for R&D. Shahe R&D base was built and put into use. The construction of Shanghai R&D base was progressing steadily.
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