Green and Low-carbon

Assisting in Building Beautiful Homeland

We must fully implement the strategy of sustainable development and hold on to the idea that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, always respect, adapt to, and protect nature, and act on the principles of prioritizing resource conservation and environmental protection and letting nature restore itself, thus securing natural and ecological safety.

Practicing Green Production

Sinopec continued continuous efforts for the "Green Enterprise Action Plan" as the implementation of clean management throughout the process and the emission and pollution reduction projects. Sinopec strove to develop a circular ...


Addressing Climate Change

Sinopec integrated climate change into its development plan, continuously improved energy management, did a good job in decreasing greenhouse gas emission, and established a new image of "clean, low-carbon, and industry-leading."


Enhancing Environmental Management

Sinopec has been always prioritizing the concept of ecological environmental protection; thus, we effectively improved the corporate administration by increasingly strengthened environmental management, improved organizational ...


Protecting Ecological Environment

Sinopec attached great emphasis on ecological environmental protection and abided by laws and regulations of environmental projection in its site of business operation. Sinopec increasingly strived to identify and analyze environmentally sensitive ...

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