Key Research

Exploration and Development Technology

  • Marine hydrocarbon exploration
  • Unconventional hydrocarbon resources exploration
  • Improvement of hydrocarbon recovery ratio
  • Drilling, well logging and mud logging
  • Instrument, tool and equipment
  • Continental hydrocarbon exploration
  • Effective exploration of hard-to-recover reserves
  • Geophysical technology under complex conditions
  • Oilfield chemicals

Oil Refining Technology

  • Inferior crude oil processing and light oil yield improvement
  • Integration of refining and chemistry
  • New energy (biofuel & hydrogen)
  • Clean oil production
  • Energy saving and emission reduction in refinery
  • Production of lubricating oil and other petroleum products
  • Unconventional resource refining

Petrochemical Technology

  • Production of alkenes and arenes
  • Polyolefin technology
  • New product: synthetic resin, synthetic fiber and synthetic rubber
  • Biomass energy and new material
  • Production of basic organic raw materials
  • Synthetic fiber monomer and polymer
  • Fine chemical engineering and biochemical engineering

Technology Related to Safety, Environmental Protection,
Energy Saving, Equipment, Storage and Transportation, etc

  • Safety engineering
  • Energy saving
  • Equipment technology
  • Environmental protection
  • Carbon capture
  • Artificial intelligence
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