The Central Asia - Russia Region is an important source of oil and gas that plays a significant role in the world's energy patterns. Sinopec cooperated with local enterprises for oil and gas exploration, developed trade, performed chemical project construction and chemical product trade. It also undertook refinery and petroleum engineering services in the Central Asia - Russia Region. These activities contributed to regional economic development. At the same time, Sinopec aimed to protect the ecological environment, strengthening community exchanges and participated in public welfare to improve people's livelihood.

Spare all efforts to guarantee natural gas supplies to China and Russia

Participation in the AGPP project construction to secure the supply of natural gas in China and Russia

In 2017, Sinopec Engineering Group Co., Ltd. founded a collaboration with Tecnimont, and signed an AGPP-P3 EPC contract with Gazprom. The AGPP-P3 project is the first EPC project executed by Sinopec Engineering Group Co., Ltd. in Russia. The AGPP Project is a world-class natural gas processing plant that involved significant investment from by Gazprom and is one of the large key projects to guarantee the China-Russia eastern gas supply agreement. After completion, the project will be able to produce 38 billion m3 of marketable gas delivered to China every year. The project is also of great strategic significance to the energy cooperation between China and Russia.

Participation in the construction of the China-Russia East Line Natural Gas Pipeline Project

In August 2020, Sinopec Engineering Incorporation won the bidding for two lots of the PipeChina (Lot III of the Anping-Tai'an Section of the China-Russia Eastern Gas Pipeline Project and Lot II of the Auxiliary LNG Transmission Pipeline Project in Binhai County, Jiangsu Province). The two projects started in October 2020 and will be completed in 2022. Lot III of the Anping-Tai'an Section of the China-Russia Eastern Gas Pipeline Project has a total length of 41.7 km and is being undertaken by Sinopec Zhongyuan Oil Construction Engineering Company. The company has prepared scientific, effective and rigorous construction plans and reserved sufficient construction resources to ensure the smooth completion of the project. The China-Russia Eastern Gas Pipeline Project is a major measure taken by China to promote ecological and environmental protection and develop a low-carbon economy. This is a landmark project of energy cooperation between China and Russia and a model of deep integration and win-win cooperation between the two countries.
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