Stakeholders Expectations for Sinopec Communication mechanism Response and effect
Government Compliance and risk control
Responding to national macro-control
Providing job opportunities
Driving local economic development
Daily communication and reporting
Discussion and seminar
Project approval
Government regulation
Legal compliance and Integrity
Timely and accurate disclosure
Creating job opportunities
Increasing social contribution
Supporting national policies
Shareholders & creditors Stable credit rating
Truthful, accurate, timely and complete disclosure
Protecting the interests of shareholders
Fair profits and returns
Periodic reporting
Corporate reporting
Promotional activities
Dialogue with and feedback to shareholders
Strict risk control
Maintaining high profitability
Guaranteeing the profit attributable to shareholders
Keeping a good credit rating
Realizing fair enterprise value
Customers High-quality products
Efficient response
Accurate and fast complaint handling
Good after-sales service
Meeting and consultation
Daily contact
Feedback mechanism
Hotline service
Online service
Continuous product innovation
Strengthening customer relationship management
Enhancing customer satisfaction
Improving efficiency of handling customer complaints
Employees Guarantee of legitimate rights
Satisfactory salary incentive
Good working environment
Unimpeded career development
Workers congress
Commendation of employees
Regular training
Corporate cultural activities
Enhancing employee participation in management
Guaranteeing legitimate rights and interests of employees
Caring about employee development
Improving salary incentive
High employee satisfaction
Low employee turnover
Labour unions Rights and benefits of employees
Democratic management
Corporate affairs transparency
Workers congress
Grass-roots labour unions
Strengthening exchanges in collective bargaining
Improving democratic management
Business partners Leveraging each other's strengths
Good faith and mutual benefit
Information sharing
Contract negotiation
Daily meeting
High-level meeting
Correspondence of documents
Daily business communication
Adhering to the principles of good faith, mutual benefit and equal consultation
Exploring new areas and methods of cooperation
Establishing effective partnership
Suppliers Fair procurement and strict compliance
Strategic cooperation for mutual benefits
Contract and agreement negotiation
Real time communication
Tendering meeting
Adhering to the principles of "openness, fairness and justice"
High supplier satisfaction
Continuous decline of procurement costs
Financial & Insurance Companies Lowering financing costs
Reducing risk
Timely payment
Contract negotiation
Daily business communication
Research on financial and insurance policies
Strategic adjustment to reduce financing risks
Community Concern for social development
Building a harmonious community
Charity activities
Field trips and visits
Communication and exchanges with community
Environmental & social risk analysis of projects
Collection and disclosure of environmental performance
Response to external investigations
Tax payment and job creation
Helping rural revitalization
Tackling climate change
Providing clean energy
Resource recycling
Biodiversity protection
Land resource management
Media Timely disclosure
Good media relations
Press conference
Press release
On-site interview
Press briefing
Improving public opinion environment
Strengthening corporate reputation
Improving media's recognition of Sinopec
Maintaining communication and cooperation with the media
NGOs Advocating sustainable development Regular participation in meetings or activities
Daily contact
Regular participation in meetings or activities
Daily contact
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