New Energy
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Hydrogen energy

Focusing on the goal of building the largest hydrogen company in China, we made effort in the entire industrial chain of hydrogen production, supply and sales by taking advantage of our technology and industrial resources, and built and put into operation hydrogen production facilities for fuel cells in Yanshan, Gaoqiao and Guangzhou, supplying 99.999% of high-quality hydrogen to the market. The Company led a research programme on hydrogen station standards, and completed and obtained the national CMA certification for its laboratory on hydrogen analysis for fuel cell. We also completed and put into operation four fuel-hydrogen service stations in Guangdong, Shanghai and Zhejiang.


The Company's bio jet fuel production plant was completed in Zhenhai, and the capacity reached 100,000 tonnes per year. Shanghai Oil Products Company expanded the sales of biodiesel, with the capacity of B5 biodiesel blending reaching more than 400,000 tonnes/year and the supply network covering 13 administrative areas in Shanghai. We completed development of synthesis technology and product formulations bio-based dipolymer acid-based jet fuel anti-wear agent products, and are now in the process of airworthiness validation.

Medical materials.

Through the hydrogen regulation method, we succeeded in producing specialty polypropylene for melt-blown fabric based on the metallocene gas-phase polypropylene process, filling the technology gap for China and ensuring the supply of the core layer of mask material. We promoted research and development of medical protective clothing, syringes and other high-end medical materials, fully supporting the battle on COVID-19.

Biodegradable materials

The Company actively participated in the action to end plastic pollution, becoming the first Chinese company to join the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), and has continuously strengthened the research and development of biodegradable materials. We accelerated the technology development and industrialization of polyglycolic acid (PGA), vigorously carried out technology development and industrial application of polyester degradable materials, developed L-Propyl Acetate/PLA pilot technology and carried out pilot technology research of polycaprolactone.
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