Sales CRM

Customer Relation Management System (CRM) serves as a platform through which Sinopec Chemical Products Sales Company is communicating with its customers online. This platform enables customers to enjoy fast business application, instant information checking and expedite feedback; customers could deliver or see about the annual, monthly or daily sales plans. Information about sales orders, capital exchanges and balance could be collected through CRM. Customers can also be exposed to all latest news of the company and participate in its service evaluation and market research or deliver suggestions to the company. Thanks to this platform, sales managers could process the transactions online, which greatly enhanced efficiency.

At present, the 1st stage of CRM project has been launched, and function models of market research, technical services, product information base and electric business platform will be gradually completed while business develops. We will continuously upgrade CRM to cater to customer demand with excellent and convenient services, achieving a long-standing and win-win relations with our customers.

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