Joining Forces with Partners

Co-creating and Sharing New Value

Implement the principle of respecting labor, knowledge, talent, and creativity Enhance the modernization level of industrial chain and supply chain, adhere to the principle of autonomy and self-control, safety and efficiency, do a good job in the strategic design and the precise implementation of supply chain in different industries, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the whole industrial chain.

Care for Employees

Employees are always the inexhaustible impetus for the sustainable development of an enterprise. Guided by the peopleoriented principle, Sinopec is committed to safeguarding the fundamental rights and interests of employees …


Serving Customers

Following a brand slogan of "Cleaner Energy, Better Life," Sinopec built the customer-focused brand system for its products and services, made every effort to improve product quality and service level, and continued to satisfy …


Jointly Building Industrial Chain

Sinopec took the initiative in promoting the construction of the responsibility industry chain, insisted in the responsible and transparent procurement, optimized the management of suppliers and contractors, augmented the strategic …

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