South America

Sinopec is mainly engaged in oil & gas exploration and development in 6 countries and regions in South America. The Company aims to build a harmonious oil region by tax contributions and assist in infrastructure construction. These activities will tackle the problem of employment by conducting public welfare activities and protecting the ecological environment.

The Ecuador Branch of Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation helps protect local environmental resources

Sinopec adhered to environmental protection and ecological construction in South America to conduct whole-process environmental legal compliance management. It also kept its promises in global environmental protection through measures such as meticulous environmental protection management, the application of new technologies and equipment, promoting the reduction of pollutants, hazard-free treatments and recycling, optimizing energy structures, reducing carbon emissions, and improving efficient resource utilization.

The Ecuador Andes Branch of Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation takes "putting advanced practices in the industry into practice and never pollute the environment" as the core of the project operation. In the early stage of project construction, several internationally renowned environmental consultants were hired to carry out environmental surveys and formulate scientific environmental management plans. During the project operation phase, soil, water quality, gas emissions and air quality were monitored and regular environmental inspections were performed. Also, we upgraded the environment of the old well site in the southern oil region and built "a comprehensive environmental management center" in the south and north oil regions to realise the "zero discharge" of wastes. The nursery cultivating garden in the environmental management center provided seedlings for vegetation recovery. Fertilizer produced by the landfill fermentation of organic wasters was used for vegetation recovery. These environmental protection efforts were widely recognized in the award of "The Best Foreign Company Engaged in HSE & Community Affairs" by the Ministry of Petroleum of Ecuador, and honored as "The Best Company of World Petroleum HSE and Sustainable Development".
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