Reform of
Science and
System and

Establishing a long-term mechanism for continuous growth of investment in science and technology. We improved the management methods of scientific research funds, strengthened the assessment of science and technology innovation, and guided affiliates to increase investment in R&D. we deepened the reform of "delegating powers, management and service", simplifying project initiation and process management, giving greater autonomy to scientific research units. We strengthened basic research, formulating detailed rules for managing basic research projects to increase support for basic research. Two subsidiaries were selected by SASAC for the "Science Reform Demonstration Initiative", and we expanded the implementation of the "Science Reform Demonstration Initiative" in eight research institutes, improved the operation management system, and deepened the market-oriented selection process for personnel and made efforts to enhance the independent innovation capability. We promoted the construction of new type of R&D institutions, establishing a materials research institute in Ningbo and planned for a new type of R&D institution in Guangdong. We hosted the New Materials and New Energy track of the “Central SOEs Shining Star Innovation Contest”, and established innovation incubation platforms.
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