• The Sinopec
  • Sinopec has been increasing its brand value since it was founded 38 years ago. In 2021, Sinopec’s brand value stood at USD 26.398 billion, ranking 58th across the world according to the Brand Finance Global 500 2021 ranking). With a brand value of RMB 308.591 billion, it ranked third across China and the first among all industry players in the 2021 China Brand Value Evaluation. The valuation of relevant brands under Sinopec is also very high: Easy Joy (RMB 18.4 billion), Great Wall Lubricant (RMB 8.7 billion), EPEC (RMB 10.4 billion), Donghai Asphalt (RMB 1.463 billion yuan), and Sinopec Oilfield Equipment (RMB 580 million). Sinopec ranks first among the central state-owned enterprises of China in terms of brand building capacity.

    Sinopec’s Logo


    The logo of Sinopec, composed of a sun-shaped figure and abbreviations of its Chinese and English names, symbolizes Sinopec’s commitment to sustainable development and its vision of refueling for a better life through a complete integrated industrial chain and advanced technologies. The red circle perfectly connects the Chinese and English names, implying that Sinopec is an energy provider and the lifeline of economic development, and it is moving towards building itself into a leading company in the world.

    Sinopec’s Value Proposition

    Shaping a Bright Future with Innovation, Building a Better Life with Responsibility With promoting low-carbon transformation of global energy as its goal, Sinopec is committed to leading the future of energy and chemical industry with innovation, shouldering its responsibilities to refuel for a better life, and working with all stakeholders to build a better life.
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