Chinese Patent Awards in 2020

Gold Award of Chinese Patent Award

A partially-branched and partially-crosslinked copolymer for oil displacement and its preparation method

Silver Award of Chinese Patent Award

A hydrocracking catalyst and preparation method thereof

A Method for Well Logging

Ultra-high temperature salt-resistant drilling fluid and preparation method thereof

A multi-component copolymer used for improving flowing properties of high pour-point heavy oil

Honorable Mention of Chinese Patent Award

Molecular sieve with MFI structure containing phosphorus and metal components, preparation process and use thereof

Star high-vinyl-content soluble poly-conjugated-diolefin/uni-vinyl-arene copolymer rubber, and preparing method

An injection-foamable styrene-base monomer-diolefin copolymer, preparation methods and uses thereof

A method of preparing an alumina support for silver catalyst, alumina support and application thereof

Antibacterial thermoplastic plastic composition and preparation method therefor

System and Method of LNG Boil-off Gas Recondensation

A catalytic process for converting LCO into gasoline

Method for Disproportionation and transalkylation of toluene with heavy aromatics

Molecular sieve, and preparation method and application thereof

Separate-layer fracturing stage number optimization method for low-permeability compact reservoir

Interstitial layer for retrofitting of buried single skin oil tanks and buried double skin oil tanks
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