Major Technology
Development and

Hydrocarbon exploration and development

Sinopec has made significant progress in shale oil and gas exploration theory and technology and realized the first commercial discovery on the scale of atmospheric-pressure shale gas in China; formed the oil and gas exploration theory and technology of Leikoupo Formation in western Sichuan; deepened the efficient exploration and development technology of Shunbei oilfield; optimized the technology system of enhanced oil recovery by heterogeneous phase combination flooding; developed the collection system of seismic nodes and applying it on a large scale; made breakthroughs in key technologies and equipment of ultra-deep petroleum engineering.

Oil refining

Sinopec realized the industrial transformation of technology in the aspects of producing low-carbon olefins through RTC, high-residue-blending and low-emission residue fluid catalytic cracking, etc., and the progress in FD2G, LTAG, RLG, and high-quality hydrogen production for fuel cell vehicles.

Chemical and material technology

Sinopec successfully started the 2,000 tonnage SE coal gasification project; tackled key problems to form 5 complete sets of technologies such as thermoplastic polyvinyl alcohol (TPVA), ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH), ultrafiltration/nanofiltration membrane, etc., and completed the development and production of 17 types of functional polymer membrane materials; realized the industrial production of 15 types automotive lightweight materials such as LFT-PP and high-fluidity nylon; developed a complete set of 48K large-tow carbon fiber technology; realized the industrial production of biodegradable materials such as PBAT and PBS.

Public Technology

Sinopec maintained stable operation of exemplary installations, including zero-discharge of high salt water in coal chemical industry and salt crystallization; put the technology of VOCs treatment by high-flux low-temperature plasma into industrial application; successfully applied the new generation of CO2 capture technology from flue gas of coal-fired power plants in the 150,000 ton/year CO2 capture project; developed the first set of new high-parameter spiral-shaped heat exchanger suitable for differential pressure of 4MPa and temperature of 400℃ in China and successfully applied it to boiling-bed hydrogenation installations.
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