A number of landmark achievements in high-precision, high-efficiency, low-cost geophysical technologies. Breakthroughs were made in the development of Smart Point seismic acquisition. The company had its own proprietary seismic acquisition instruments for the first time. Two leapfrogs were achieved for the node acquisition technology from experiment to deployment and from "mixed acquisition "to "blind acquisition". The Bonan project adopted "blind acquisition" technology, and the average daily efficiency set a new record for production in the mature field in the eastern area.

Increasingly mature deep well drilling supporting technology. In 2020, 143 ultra-deep wells were completed, with an average well depth of 6,759.48 meters, an average ROP of 5.89 meters per hour, and an average drilling cycle of 133.58 days. In the Shunbei area, a series of technologies such as Permian and Silurian formation plugging and leakage prevention, deep hard formation drilling speed increase, 185 ℃ high temperature MWD, etc. were formed; in the southwest area, a series of technologies such as air foam drilling, pre-bending power drilling tool deflection prevention technology, Nitrogen drilling technology for tight reservoirs in western Sichuan, etc. were formed. The Shunbei 55X well set the domestic depth record (8,725 meters) of 139.7 mm diameter casing. The Shunbei 53-2H well set the domestic record of the deepest directional well (8,874.4 meters), and the Shunbei 71X well set a shortest drilling cycle record (132.74 days) of wells with a depth over 8,000 meters.

New progress in shale gas well drilling technology. 321 shale gas wells were drilled, with a drilling footage of 1,741,400 meters. The average depth of the completed well was 4,863.52 meters. The ROP was 7.25 meters per hour, and the drilling cycle was 84.18 days. In Fuling field, a series of technologies were developed such as radical parameter drilling technology, high-pressure jet drilling technology, RSS, near-bit directional technology, rotary casing technology, pressure-controlled drilling technology, and anti-sticking technology for complex horizontal sections. We promoted the application of high-pressure jet drilling technology to effectively increase the average ROP in the middle and upper strata.

New progress in drilling fluid technology. We developed high-density water-based drilling fluid rheological stability control technology, high-density water-based drilling fluid friction control technology, lubricating alkyl glycoside product molecular design, preparation and industrial production technology, and APD high-performance water-based on-site drilling fluid technology, and applied on-site in 6 wells including Fengye 1 well, achieving good effects in stabilizing the well wall, lubricating and anti-sticking. The temperature-resistant 180℃ spherical gel MPA-Ⅲ was developed with little effect on the rheology of oil-based drilling fluids and good plugging properties. The filtration loss of HTHP at 180℃ was reduced by 25%, and the penetration depth of the visible sand bed was reduced by more than 30%.

Obvious improvement in terms of speed and efficiency of new drilling tools. Sinopec promoted the use of high-temperature azimuth-while-drilling gamma instruments, all-metal hydraulic oscillators, high-efficiency screws, reinforced torque impactors, embedded spiral ball centralizers, vertical drilling systems, ZQS series wellbore sand cleaning joints, jet impactor and other new tools to effectively reduce downhole complex faults and improve drilling efficiency. Among them, thick wall screws showed obvious advantages in all indicators over the conventional ones when applied to horizontal shale gas wells in the Fuling field. The motor life was more than 1.5 times that of ordinary screws. The average ROP was increased by 30%.

New progress in logging technology. The SINOLOG900 network imaging logging system was put into production and application, and the overall performance was continuously optimized; the direct-push logging technology collected all logging data accurately. The logging depth was 8,874.4 meters, and the bottom hole temperature was 170.5℃ , creating the deepest directional well logging record in Asia. We improved the tractor perforation technology and hit 2 national records for the largest inclination transported by the tractor and the largest inclination perforated by the tractor. We innovated and formed the logging evaluation of complex geological areas and intelligent shale gas geological sweets logging evaluation to improve the logging and evaluation capabilities; the integrated geosteering technology for horizontal wells became more mature, improving the geological target rate, reservoir drilling rate and efficiency.

Continuous development of special operation technology. We continuously strengthened the ultra-deep + high temperature + high pressure + high sulfur well testing technology to provide strong support for the commercial discovery of oil and gas exploration in the Shunbei Oil and Gas Field. We developed multiple sets of fracturing technology, fracturing fluid systems and fracturing monitoring methods as the main supporting technologies to meet the demand for shale gas exploration and development; We explored the combination of "high conductivity channel main fracture + volume branch fracture" fracturing technology and achieved a major breakthrough in the exploration of shale oil in the Jiyang Depression; new progress was made in coiled tubing operation technology, and 76 types of 196 tools in 8 categories were developed to form 36 characteristic technologies including completion stimulation, photoelectric testing, salvage workover and conventional operation. Sinopec became the first domestic service provider of coiled fiber/cable fiber/cable technology, created more than 10 domestic engineering records, and realized the first domestic variable well workover in the China Petroleum shale gas field.

Significant achievements in ground engineering technology innovation. "Key technology for design, construction and safety assurance of new near-shallow structures" won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and "Key Technology and Application of Shengli Chemical Flooding Polymer Solution Adhesion Protection" won the first prize of Sinopec Science and Technology Progress Award; Sinopec won 11 provincial and ministerial-level high-quality engineering awards, applied for 108 patents, and obtained 66 authorized patents. The self-developed "welding intelligent management system of semi-automatic welding machine" was launched on the EPEC platform. The oil and gas field and pipeline EIT integration device, high-frequency coalescence water separation unit, and pressure regulating skid were included in the company's superior product catalog.

Oil and gas equipment driving quality and efficient upstream development. Sinopec made 10 landmark achievements including 5000 type complete sets of electric fracturing equipment, formed 8 engineering technologies including "well factory" fracturing to strongly support the large-scale and profitable development of shale gas. We accelerated the upgrading of oil and gas equipment technology. Land electric cementing trucks and 2500 type super-power cementing trucks were successfully phased out. 80DB and 90DB drilling rigs came out one after another. We completed in-plant tests for 52 MPa high-sulfur compressor units, and put oil-based slut harmless treatment equipment into industrial application. The average service life of hybrid drills was increased by 30%, and breakthroughs were continuously made in product research and development. The integrated service of drill bits and drilling tools set 37 speed-up and efficiency-increasing records, and the fracturing equipment set 23 production-increasing and cost-cutting records.
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