Giving back to Society

Composing a New Chapter of Happiness

We must adhere to a people-oriented approach and the development direction of common prosperity. We will always strive to achieve development for the people driven by the people. The fruits of development will be shared by the people to safeguard their fundamental enthusiasm and stimulate the initiative and creativity of all people. This approach will continue to promote social equity, improve people's well-being, and constantly realize people's expectations for a better life.

Tax Payment

Sinopec strictly followed taxation laws. In 2020, Sinopec paid taxes of RMB 297.7 billion to fund the construction of public utilities in the national defense, science, education, culture and healthcare sectors. This has made a major contribution …


Serving Communities

Sinopec is firmly committed to promoting the separate hand-over of water, power, gas and heating supplies, property management and the socialized management of retired employees. Moreover, Sinopec assisted the government …



The COVID-19 pandemic is a major public health emergency that has spread and caused extensive infections. This pandemic has been the hardest to contain since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949.Sinopec …


Causes for
Public Good

With the mission of "better energy for better living", Sinopec fully exploits its position to carry out multiple public welfare and charity projects and give back to society. After years of development, the company has established a social …

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