In the face of complicated market environments, Sinopec actively participates in international cooperation to a broad field and at a higher level. It has intensive cooperations with Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia and other Asia-pacific countries. These activities include oil and gas exploration and development, oil and refining engineering services, oil and chemical products sales services, gas station retail services and international trade. We also focuses on fulfilling local social responsibilities, advocating green and sustainable development, and building better homes together with local people.

Sinopec lubricating oil going global

Based at the Sinopec overseas lubricating oil plant in Singapore, and centered on the Asia-pacific, Sinopec Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. provides global products and technical services. Currently, it has 9 representative offices in around the world and its products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, serving local automobiles, transportation, mining, metallurgy, electric power, processing and other industries. It has established friendly and cooperative relations with a number of renowned international enterprises. Moreover, it provides quality products and a package of services for the national projects of "The Belt and Road Initiative" together with China Communications Construction, China Railway Construction, the CRRC Corporation Limited and the Power Construction Corporation of China. These activities deliver Sinopec's concept of "Better Energy for Better Living".

Easy Joy's self-owned brand OULU bamboo pulp tissue officially entered the Singapore market

In April 2020, Easy Joy's self-owned brand, OULU bamboo pulp tissue officially entered the Singapore market. Following the entry of "Easy Joy ·Zhuoma Spring" into NTUC's 165 Fairprice supermarkets and 242 Cheers convenience stores in August 2019, Sinopec Hong Kong (Singapore) Limited actively recommended that NTUC sell Easy Joy's own-brand, OULU bamboo pulp tissue. With the widespread impact of COVID-19 in Singapore, local supermarkets in suffered a severe shortage of tissues as people rushed to buy supplies. Sinopec Hong Kong (Singapore) Limited strengthened its cooperation with NTUC to help it to purchase bamboo pulp tissues from China and replenish the tissue market in Singapore to help guarantee the supply of daily essentials.
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