North America

Sinopec cooperates with North America in crude oil trade, petroleum exploration and development, to promote the local economic and social development and achieve win-win benefits. At the same time, Sinopec maintains legal operations, honestly paying taxes, employing local workers, and protecting the local ecological environment. We also lead community construction projects, carrying out public welfare activities, and promote cultural exchange and integration.

Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration Canadian Company takes COVID-19 as an opportunity to explore a new model of multi-cultural integration

In 2020, faced with the dual challenges of COVID-19 and low oil prices, Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration Canadian Company explored new approaches for multi-cultural integration and team development. This approach aimed to combine remote working with the YOUnity multi-cultural integration project.

An online community of virtual activities was established through MS Teams where interest groups were formed to share job logs. This facilitated the exchange smooth between Chinese and foreign employees and improved the sense of belonging for all employees. The "online breakfast meetings" were held between the CEO and business teams, to convey the care of management for employees and to share the company strategies for production, operation, and management optimization. This approach was used to build a consensus, and unify knowledge and practices. It held the "Calgary-Beijing" hiking activity during the COVID-19 pandemic which strengthened coordination with the Beijing Headquarters in virtual form with cities as the carriers and bonds. This improved the knowledge of regional employees about Chinese culture and their emotional bond with Beijing Headquarters. It regularly issued information about COVID-19, guided mental counseling and healthy activities of employees during the pandemic. It offered a 24h hotline for psychological counseling to employees, organized a COVID-19 survey and provided feedback for all employees in response to concerns of the employees. Overall, this approach improved the confidence of employee in overcoming difficulties and winning the battle against COVID-19 with shared efforts.
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