Middle East

The Middle East Region has abundant oil and gas resources and plays a key role in the world's oil and gas industries. With China's economic development, the demand for oil and gas is on the rise, and the Middle East has become an important partner. Sinopec is mainly engaged in oil and gas resource investment, petroleum engineering technical service, refinery engineering technical service, and crude oil trade. Simultaneously, it uses its own technology and resources to help the region with industrial upgrading and transformation. We aim to evolve from a resource exporter to a resource deep processor, and to improve economic value. Moreover, Sinopec has established a sound HSSE management system with the region, fulfilled its social responsibilities and participated in the community construction. We have respected the regional cultures and religious beliefs to form a harmonious bond with the local people.

Sinopec completed hoisting large equipment in the Saudi Arabia Jubail air separation project

In January 2020, the Sinopec Engineering Group Co., Ltd. was contracted to build the Saudi Arabia Jubail air separation project. With the crane boom on the construction site, a 196 ton argon tank and the frame base were perfectly combined perfectly, symbolizing the completion of hoisting large equipment in the Saudi Arabia Jubail air separation project. Faced with complicated issues such as a narrow project site, civil engineering on the site, and numerous cross activities in the installation, all of the employees involved in the department of the 4th construction company united to successfully perform field operations. All the preparations, from barrier demolition to pavement construction and from the hoisting scheme approval to risk assessment, conformed to the regulations on safety of SABIC. Finally, with the common efforts of all employees, the hoisting of large equipment was completed at the time of construction and was highly praised by the employer SABIC.

Sinopec assisted Kuwait in building the first cabin hospital

In April 2020, Sinopec Engineering Group Co., Ltd. assisted Kuwait in reconstructing a project camp into the first cabin hospital in Kuwait as a key step in the fight against COVID-19. The camp was located in a sand hinterland in the Azur in southern Kuwait and covers a usable area of 170,000 square meters equal to the area of 24 football fields. The camp consists of 1,066 employee dormitory rooms with ideal facilities such as canteens, medical rooms, and toilets. After many evaluations, Kuwait determined the project camp as the site for the first cabin hospital. Sinopec employees, with a strong sense of mission and responsibility, efficiently coordinated the camp reconstruction with the principles of pandemic control and construction safety. The reconstructed cabin hospital can hold 1,700 patients and had a major impact on the treatment of COVID-19 patients and mass quarantine in Kuwait.
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