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Sinopec is mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of gasoline and diesel, LNG and fuel oil as well as the trade of various finished oils. As of 2020, Sinopec has 54 gas stations in Hong Kong, guaranteeing the supply of energy to local people. Sinopec pays taxes in accordance with the laws. We also carry out public welfare programs and organize volunteers to carry out environmental protection and public welfare activities to make contributions to maintaining regional harmony.

Sinopec guarantees the supply of oil products in Hong Kong the surrounding areas

Since its entry into the Hong Kong market, Sinopec has grown as an important local energy supplier, providing a guarantee for the supply of energy of Hong Kong. We proudly serve Hong Kong's economy and boosting people's well-being.

Complete the layout of gas stations

In 2020, Sinopec won the bid for 3 stations in Kowloon: Kwun Tong Road, Sha Tin Kong Pui Street and Tai Tong Road Yuen Long. So far, Sinopec has 54 gas stations in Hong Kong, supplying gasoline, diesel and automotive LPG to the local areas.

Provide jet fuel filling services

Sinopec provides a jet fuel filling service for many well-known global airlines in Hong Kong making it one of the major suppliers of jet fuel at Hong Kong airport.

Provide refueling services for ships

As one of the main suppliers of ship fuel in Hong Kong, Sinopec provides high-quality ship refueling services for international and domestic shipping companies. We have also provided warehousing, sales and wholesaling services of ship fuel such as 180cst, 380cst (RMG) and 500cst (RMK) for ships in Hong Kong.

Provide convenient refueling services for the people of Hong Kong

Sinopec provides automotive LPG for taxis and minibuses in Hong Kong, central LPG for local residents, and bottled LPG for domestic and industrial & commercial consumers. These services are convenient for the residents of Hong Kong.

Ensure the supply of oil products to all industries

As one of the major suppliers of diesel and gasoline in Hong Kong, Sinopec provides Euro V gasoline and diesel for industrial customers in the manufacturing, wharf warehousing, transportation, construction, and hotel industries. We also supply a power plant in Hong Kong ensuring the oil supply for Hong Kong's economic development.

Actively giving back to society

Sinopec actively gives back to society as it grows stronger in Hong Kong. Over the years, Sinopec has continuously carried out activities such as beach clean-ups and marine conservation education programs to make contributions to the sustainable development of Hong Kong.
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