Following a brand slogan of "Cleaner Energy, Better Life," Sinopec built the customer-focused brand system for its products and services, made every effort to improve product quality and service level, and continued to satisfy new customer needs.

Non-fuel products

Sinopec innovated the business mode for non-fuel products to provide diversified and integrated services for customers, while taking strict measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic. We developed 68 self-branded commodities and planned a theme marketing activity called "10.10 Easy Joy Shopping Festival" to make full use of online and offline marketing channels. In addition, we accelerated the popularization of Easy Joy convenience stores in factories, communities, and military bases; thus, a total of 285 Easy Joy convenience stores were newly built. We also resolved to enter new business fields such as automobile service, advertising, and fast food ; thus, a total of 7,983 automobile service outlets were put into operation. To facilitate the fast-food franchise, we established Easy Joy Coffee joint venture and have had 1,183 franchised outlets. In 2020, the operating income of non-fuel products increased by 6% year-on-year, and the operating profit by 15% year-on-year.

Product quality

For the sales of chemicals, the QHSE management system was improved to effectively enhance the service quality of chemical sales business; a product quality certification management system covering food hygiene testing and medical and health testing was established, to ensure product quality through certification; further HSSE management and HSSE comprehensive management, inspections for "four nos and two go-straights" (no prior notice, no early contact, no report, no accompany and reception, go straight to the grassroots, go straight to the scene), and special inspection were carried out.

For sales of oil products, the concept of "ensuring quality safety from the essence" was proposed for refined oil products, and an internal control index system was established for outsourced oil products to prevent quality risks due to outsourcing; a complete laboratory network was built; teams with professional management and inspection experiences were developed; a perfect quality inspection system was set up to control product quality and implement the social responsibility of "every drop of oil is our commitment."

Customer service

Sinopec endeavored to build a customer service system that covers material procurement in the upstream, midstream, and downstream, product sales, and engineering business. A unified customer service center was set up and the manual service hotline 95388-0 was opened to provide thoughtful and convenient services to social users, thereby forming an external service window for Sinopec in an all-round way. In addition, based on the telephone service, multileveled and multidimensional customer service and communication channels were opened through intelligent robots, 95388 text messages, e-mails, WeChat official account, CRM platform, and SINOPEC Chememall Global. We regularly conducted customer visits and customer satisfaction surveys to understand customer needs and improve customer satisfaction. To protect customer privacy, we also improved the function of customer information authentication, strengthened the authorization management of customer information, conducted emergency drills in the system, enhanced the information security and awareness of confidentiality, and standardized business operations.

To fulfill the diversified needs of customers and offering them safe, convenient, and quick services, Sinopec launched the "one-click refueling" function nationwide, by which its 30,000 gas stations can provide zero-contact refueling, payment, invoicing, and shopping services, making great contributions to containing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, Sinopec launched the Sinopec App for customers, which allows customers to purchase oil, book an appointment to pick up oil, and make inquiries online, greatly improving the refueling experience of customers.

Sinopec promoted "law-based compliance and integrity operation" in gas stations

On March 18, 2021, which was just a few days after the March 15 World Consumer Rights Day, Sinopec convened a special meeting on the oil product sales system to further promote the "law-based compliance and integrity operation" of gas stations. At the meeting, some recent cases of violations in operation and management were reported, and the weak links and existing problems in operation and management were analyzed. All companies in the sales system were instructed to conduct self-inspection and rectify their problems in time, to strengthen compliance and integrity operation in an all-round way and enhance the level of high-quality development of enterprises.

As stated at the meeting, gas stations, as the service window for people, are the most intuitive image of Sinopec; thus, we must keep pursuing the concepts such as "every drop of oil is our commitment," “quality always takes the lead,” and "No counterfeits in Easy Joy." Every employee has the responsibility of maintaining Sinopec's brand image of "high quality and sufficient quantity" in practices. Every gas station should implement "customer-focused and compliance operation with and integrity" and must find problems, propose corrective measures, and promote the rectification to realize the law-based compliance and integrity operation.

In addition, Sinopec made deployments for key areas of "law-based compliance and integrity operation," including the quality of oil products and non-fuel products, protection of consumers' rights and interests, and construction of employees' professional ethics to prevent and control risks in business operation and management. The business concept that is customer-centered, compliance-based, and problem-oriented is the escort for the high-quality development of Sinopec.
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