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Employees are always the inexhaustible impetus for the sustainable development of an enterprise. Guided by the peopleoriented principle, Sinopec is committed to safeguarding the fundamental rights and interests of employees, guaranteeing their occupational health, building a platform for the growth of employees, stimulating employees' vitality in innovation, thereby laying a solid foundation for the company's personnel development.

Fundamental rights and interests

By implementing the principle of equal consultation, mutual benefit, and win-win result, Sinopec protected the rights and interests of employees and built harmonious and stable labor relations with employees.

Respect for human rights

Sinopec strictly adhered to the terms of international and domestic laws and conventions, respected and safeguarded all the internationally recognized human rights, and resisted any behavior that disregards and treads on human rights. All employees were treated equally in terms of recruitment, promotion, training, and remuneration, regardless of nationality, gender, age, race, religion, pregnancy, and disability. Sinopec developed a supporting labor contract management system, performed the procedures for the conclusion, performance, modification, cancelation or termination of labor contracts with employees according to law and took measures to ensure that labor contracts are strictly fulfilled. Sinopec prohibited the employment of child labor and forced labor. Furthermore, we set up a Committee for Women Workers to provide special protection to female staff, continuously improve the working environment and conditions of female staff, and offer help to female staff to ensure their physical and mental health.

Compensation and benefit

Sinopec emphasized on the building of the compensation and benefit security system and executed the incentive policies that combine compensation incentives and noncompensation incentives. Regarding the compensation system, Sinopec adhered to the concept of paying for post value, competence, performance, and contributions, trying to build a diversified and multidimensional incentive system to strengthen the incentive function of compensation. Moreover, Sinopec offered employees benefits such as health check-up, paid vacation, and rehabilitation and recuperation. In respect of social insurance.

Sinopec purchased social insurances (including endowment insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, maternity insurance, and unemployment insurance) on time in full amount per relevant national and local regulations. Besides, Sinopec set up the unified occupational pension system, and its affiliated entities set up supplementary medical insurances based on their circumstances.

Democratic management

Sinopec enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of democratic management of enterprises, perfected the democratic management systems like workers congress system, employees director and supervisor system, and business affair openness system, and built key channels for democratic engagement, administration, and supervision to enhance the cohesion amongst employees.

Employee health

Sinopec attached great significance to improving employee health and care about their physical and mental health. In response to COVID-19, Sinopec took strict prevention and control measures to guarantee the health of employees while they were on their posts. Meanwhile, Sinopec made sustained efforts to strengthen the prevention and control of occupational diseases, labor protection, popularization of health-related knowledge, and training on first-aid skills. Besides, Sinopec energetically advocated the healthy culture, upgraded the health management in an all-round way with the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as a hitting-point, and promoted the coordinated development of enterprise and employee health.

Advance the risk management and control of occupational hazards

Sinopec took technical and management measures to rectify posts and places with excessive risks, implemented noise hazard control in five pilot organizations, and summarized and promoted the experience to improve the working environment of employees.

Lay a solid foundation for occupational health management

Sinopec organized the special training about national standards, shoot educational videos for noise protective articles, and organized the publicity week event to popularize laws and rules on the prevention and control of occupational diseases to enhance the awareness and ability of occupational health protection of all employees. More efforts were also made in the incoming quality inspection, resulting in the continuous enhancement of the percent of pass of labor protective articles and employee satisfaction.

Facilitate the employee health management

Sinopec investigated and analyzed causes of unproductive death of in-service employees and initiated the pilot program for health mass invention of employees. Emergency clinics were built, which were provided with facilities like automated external defibrillator (AED) and tonometers. Furthermore, the Group organized to screen personnel with high-risk diseases, implemented individualized health intervention measures according to situations, promoted the implementation of EAP, and paid attention to the mental health of employees.

Career development

With the ideas that "human resources are the foremost resource" and "everything returns to zero in case of no talents," Sinopec endeavored to promote the strategy for making the enterprise strong through training competent personnel, continuously improved the building of personnel growth channel, emphasized more on the training of leading and strategic personnel, created new models for the training of young professionals, and deepened the institutional reform for personnel development.

Strengthen the building of personnel growth channel

Sinopec further improved the personnel growth and development channels, augmented the function and development of assessment system, improved the recruitment and management of expert teams, optimized the top-level design of expert management, advanced the recruitment of group-level experts, and standardized the management of the number of expert positions in directly subordinated organizations. As of 2020, there are 3,457 in-service experts and 1,333 chief technicians and above, including 28 chief experts, 128 senior experts, and 45 skilled master workers at the group level.

Develop critical talent teams as a whole

Sinopec formulated "Five Plans" for the talent development plan during the 14th Five-Year Plan" period, resulting in the increasingly improved system and mechanisms for development of competent personnel, and the accelerated enhancement of talent strength. A group of outstanding persons were recommended for or awarded national honorary titles. Specifically, 2 persons won the National Innovation Competition Award, 1 person won the Outstanding Engineer Award, and 63 persons were granted with special government allowance by the State Council. In addition, 2 persons were recommended as national candidates for the “Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Project,” and 7 were recommended as candidates for the awards "Grand Skill Award of China” and the “National Technical Expert.”

Sinopec organized two national competitions for gathering and transportation workers and ethylene plant operators, respectively, and three competitions at the group level; 31 persons were awarded the title of "Sinopec Technical Expert." The Group organized individuals teams to participate in the National Competition for Vocational Skills of the industry. Specifically, four teams won the first prize of team award, and 9 persons entered the top three in the National Competition for Vocational Skills. In addition, Sinopec optimized the models for the training of innovation-minded personnel. The Group introduced the "Three Hundred and Three Thousand" exercise program, under which the first batch of 150 "Three Hundred" persons and 1,245 "Three Thousand" persons were selected for exchange at temporary positions. The first Competition for Young Scientific and Technological Elites was held, and 10 winners stood out from others. Furthermore, Sinopec collaborated with Imperial College London to train 7 young scientific and technological talents, and introduced 42 post-doctoral fellows to build an echelon of young scientific and technological reserve talents.

Improve the vocational training system

Following the working idea of "never give up training despite of COVID-19," Sinopec kept prioritizing education and training and further advanced the training for key personnel such as managerial personnel, technical personnel, and skilled personnel. Sinopec made full use of its online training platform to provide online "cloud-based" training besides traditional offline training. Specifically, during the pandemic, Sinopec set up a special training column themed "combating COVID-19 with concerted efforts," held knowledge lectures about pandemic prevention and control, and EAP mental health counseling. As a result, a total of 11,957 online training classes were offered in a year, with the accumulated learning time amounting to 41.42 million class hours. Moreover, the Group organized training classes for the heads of all affiliated entities to enhance their political acumen, as well as training classes for young and middle-aged officials, senior seminars for experts in the refining and chemical field for innovative development, training classes for integrated research and application of advanced materials, and other training classes such as "Training of Craftsmen for Great Power" and "Training of Petrochemical Craftsmen." Consequently, the personnel training program was successfully completed with high quality.

Strengthen the training for overseas employees

Sinopec provided training by three levels, including international leading personnel, international backbone professionals, and international reserve personnel, and studied the matrix training mode for international personnel by levels and specialties. In 2020, Sinopec organized training classes for overseas project managers, international business professionals, and international reserve personnel of chemical sector. Meanwhile, the series training class for international business English and the series training class for international project management were also provided according to the needs of work, which have elevated the special capabilities of overseas employees in HSSE management, fiscal and tax management, risk management, and compliance operations.

Care for employees

Sinopec advocated the construction of "family culture" with great endeavor, established a long-term mechanism of "reaching the grassroots positions and visiting common employees," provided more assistance for economically disadvantaged employees, condoled with overseas employees and their families during the pandemic, and cared for retired employees, for deepening employees' sense of identity and belonging.

Development of "family culture"

Under the guidance of the core concept that "The enterprise gives me opportunities for development, and I do my contributions to the development of the enterprise," Sinopec made sustained efforts in developing the "family culture" at gas stations, oil depots, and oil transportation stations to build primary depots and stations into a desirable homeland with "warmth, safety, progress, harmony, responsibility, and honesty," and enhance the cohesion in the enterprise.

Doing grassroots work and visiting common employees

Sinopec executed activities themed with "doing grassroots work and visiting common employees" regularly, helped economically disadvantaged employees to abolish poverty, guaranteed security and safeguarded stability in special periods, cared for overseas employees and their families, and allocated RMB 4.132 million as assistance funds. Besides, Sinopec supported some companies to visit families of employees working overseas, and excluded difficulties and anxieties of employees who stick to their posts for a long term and their families in the form of paired assistance and voluntary service. Furthermore, Sinopec studied policies on compliance management of assistance funds, elucidated the primary responsibilities, and improved the working mechanism to provide the genuine assistance for employees in real need.

Care for retired employees

Sinopec vigorously advocated the concept that "it is our duty to keep the well-being of our retired employees," actively implemented the norms about respecting, caring for and helping the elderly with heart and soul, and cared about their physical health and spiritual life. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sinopec extended greetings to the retired employees via telephone and provided them psychological counseling, making every effort to truly put all policies into effect. In 2020, Sinopec arranged health check-up for nearly 370,000 retired employees and visited more than 150,000 retired employees who were sick in hospitals.
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