Sinopec has been always prioritizing the concept of ecological environmental protection; thus, we effectively improved the corporate administration by increasingly strengthened environmental management, improved organizational and institutional systems, enhanced environmental risk prevention, and practical environmental impact assessment of projects.

Enhanced environmental regulation

Sinopec continued to implement the HSSE management system. In 2020, Sinopec tested the operation content of environmental protection system for three enterprises, conducted pilot review for six enterprises, and guided 107 enterprises to complete internal reviews of the system. We introduced 19 environmental protection systems, including the Regulations on Environmental Protection and Management of Sinopec, formulated and revised four systems, including the Management Measures on Radiation Management of Sinopec (Trial), and inspected their effect.

We improved the training plan on energy and environment, organized and executed the video training on environmental protection management and the live-streaming training on environmental protection business. Affiliated entities offered various special training courses on environmental protection according to their actual situation and the principle of training by level.

Prevent environmental risks

Sinopec is committed to improving its normalized management system for eco-environmental risks and enhancing its capability of preventing and controlling environmental risks. The Guidelines for Risk Assessment of Emergent Environmental Incidents in Sinopec were revised and disseminated among employees through systematic training. All companies performed identification and assessment of environmental risks as stipulated by the Guidelines, and set the risk downgrading goals according specific situations. In addition, they controlled environmental risks by grades, prepared risk control schemes for different grades of risks, took control measures, and made efforts to identify hidden dangers in risk governance. Competent departments of these companies were accountable for supervising and inspecting environmental risks. In 2020, Sinopec's Grade 1 environmental risk source was downgraded by 79%, and no emergent environmental pollution and ecological damage incidents occurred in the same year.

Implement environmental protection management for construction projects

Sinopec continued to augment the environmental protection management in the entire process of construction projects, followed strict requirements for feasibility research, foundation design review and countersignature, and facilitated companies to implement the project environmental impact assessment and the requirements proposed in replies and to complete the inspection and acceptance of environmental protection for asbuilt works on schedule. The environmental protection of all new projects (100%) in the year complied with the standards.

Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemical Company made an innovation in the industrial water treatment model, renconstructing Niukouyu Sewage Treatment Center into a wetland park, which has attracted 140 species (e.g., black storks, egrets, and herons) of birds to settle in.
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