Sinopec attached great emphasis on ecological environmental protection and abided by laws and regulations of environmental projection in its site of business operation. Sinopec increasingly strived to identify and analyze environmentally sensitive areas and environmental risks, attempting to evade sensitive ecosystem areas and ecological conservation areas. Moreover, the Group advanced to recover the ecological environment surrounding abandoned mines in oil and gas fields and along the oil and gas transmission lines for reclamation, making every effort to protect the regional ecological environment. In addition, the Group took various measures to protect the biodiversity to realize the harmony between project development and ecological environment. In 2020, Sinopec did not experience incidents about damaging biodiversity.

Sinopec Northwest China Petroleum Bureau completed its 3-year plan for returning wells to forests in advance. The company shut in some wells permanently and cleaned oil-gas wells and ground supporting facilities in nature reserves, effectively contributing to the protection of wetlands in the upper reaches of the Tarim River.

At the working site of ZAUCC, flocks of egrets finding food and playing on the lawn between chemical plant installations.
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