Sinopec is firmly committed to promoting the separate hand-over of water, power, gas and heating supplies, property management and the socialized management of retired employees. Moreover, Sinopec assisted the government in preventing and controlling the pandemic whilst also guaranteeing the supply of daily essentials for residents. They also coordinated with multiple parties to promote the integration of communities into the social public service system ensuring the quality of services for residents.

Successful completion of the separate hand-over of water, power, gas and heating supplies, and property management

The maintenance, reconstruction, authentication and liquidation work of projects subject to separate hand-overs were performed. As a result, the main maintenance works and reconstruction projects have been completed for all of the companies. Also, the liquidation and authentication works have been finished. The market-oriented operation of property heating was stable and a market-oriented charging mechanism was established. The anticontracting services actively moved forward, and the projects subject to separate hand-overs have been contracted.

Completion of the socialized management of retired employees

To strengthened communication and publicity in all companies, important tasks such as functional, personnel, archive and party member hand-overs were completed at the end of November 2020. This process avoided all incidents involving the stable safeguarding due to petitions.

Effective coordination of community services

Through connections and negotiations with local governments, all companies accelerated to adjust the modes of business during the transition of municipal and community management functions. The conversion from business undertaking to labor output mode was successfully completed allowing local oilfield residents to access citizenship benefits arising from achievements in urban and rural reform and development.

Sinopec gives priorities to refueling rescue vehicles and vehicles transporting pandemic prevention supplies.
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