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Public Good

With the mission of "better energy for better living", Sinopec fully exploits its position to carry out multiple public welfare and charity projects and give back to society. After years of development, the company has established a social contribution system with the core aims to reduce poverty and improve social, brand, and environmental welfare.

Social Welfare

Sinopec has contributed to society through public welfare projects such as the "Sinopec Brightness" Lifeline Express, "The Gas Station that Cares", "Sinopec Gas Stations of Love · Sanitation Workers' Lounges", "Homes of Truck Drivers", and "Spring Buds Project to Help Girls".

"Sinopec Brightness" Lifeline Express

In response to the strategy towards a healthy China, Sinopec implements the principles of healthy China, and carries out welfare projects for poverty alleviation, to safeguard the health of the people. In 2004, Sinopec began to participate in the philanthropy of "Lifeline Express"; In 2007, it donated RMB 30 million to build the "Sinopec Brightness" Lifeline Express. This was the first and only mobile train eye hospital donated by Chinese domestic enterprises and specializes in charity medical activities. As a major national project to prevent and treat blindness, it is listed in the government work plans.

The "Sinopec Brightness" Lifeline Express reaches 3 poverty-striken areas each year. It stays for 3 months in each of the areas, treating 3,000 patients on average each year, and achieves a success rate of more than 99.9% which is comparable to first-class hospitals in first-tier cities in China. Once the COVID-19 pandemic was under control, the "Sinopec Brightness" Lifeline Express started again in 2020 and arrived at its first stop in Hezhou, Guangxi in October where 1,006 cataract patients were given free surgeries to regain their sight. It was the fifth time that the lifeline express carried out a healthcare project for poverty alleviation in Guangxi, where it helped 5,603 accumulative cataract patients to regain their sight.

Sinopec has carried out the "Sinopec Brightness" Lifeline Express project for 17 consecutive years and donated a total amount of over RMB 178 million. This commitment has brought brightness and hope to more than 47,000 cataract patients in poverty from 39 areas in 18 provinces, and has sponsored the construction of 21 cataract medical centers. This project has been honored with the "Special Award of Brightness Feats" issued by the China Lifeline Express Foundation for 16 consecutive years. It was also given the title of the national "Best Volunteer Service Project" by the Publicity Department of CPC and "Excellent Volunteer Service Project of central SOEs" by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Morality Committee.

“The Gas Station That Cares”

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have emphasized the work of migrant workers and pushed forward tasks of serving and securing migrant workers as a major project for people's well-being. Sinopec implements important guidelines on serving and securing migrant workers of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and treats the public services of migrant workers returning to their homes seriously. Since 2013, a major public welfare event has taken place for 9 consecutive years entitled “The Gas Station That Cares” is a huge charity project. Gas stations were used as the platforms to supply the "riding motorcycles home". At the same time, they provided free services such as hot porridge, ginger tea and access to lounges and baby care rooms which gave warmth to millions of returning home.

In January 2021, Sinopec provided "1+10+X+1" free services for those who stayed away from home and remained at their posts in the Spring Festival, in 247 gas stations in Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan and Guizhou. Also, Sinopec Guangdong Petrochemical Company worked together with 26 volunteer enterprises including Easy Joy and JDL to provide 10,000 lucky gift bags for COVID-19 prevention migrant workers who spent the Spring Festival in Guangdong. It also cooperated with the China Post Guangdong EMS Branch in setting up free delivery points at 20 gas stations in 7 cities such as Guangzhou and Foshan, which delivered 10,000 special purchases and free gift bags to the dwellings of migrant workers.

This year, the "The Gas Station That Cares" introduced products for poverty alleviation to the "Shopping Festival in Chinese New Year". Guangdong and Guangxi promoted "packages for poverty alleviation" with local features to encourage customers to buy the products for poverty alleviation and support rural revitalization. The activity of the "one year's car washing service with products for poverty alleviation" was organized in Guangdong. Poverty alleviation shops were set up in more than 100 Easy Joy stores to encourage car owners to buy local featured products for poverty alleviation.

So far, the "The Gas Station That Cares" has served more than 4.2 million "motors returning homes" and nearly 50 million travelers in total during the Spring Festival. The volunteers have served more than 45,000 people in total. After 9 years of development, the "The Gas Station That Cares" has become a national famous public benefit brand that has obtained domestic and overseas honors including the "Outstanding Award of Global Brands and Reputations", the "Golden Standard Award of Corporate Citizens in Asia", the "Silver Prize of Chinese Youth Volunteer Service", and the "Bronze Prize in Public Promotion".

"Sinopec Gas Stations of Love · Sanitation Workers' Lounges"

Sanitation plays an important role in urban administration. General Secretary Xi Jinping honored sanitation workers as the "beauticians" of cities, and highlighted that the whole of society should respect sanitation workers.

In response to the call of General Secretary Xi, Sinopec advocated supporting vulnerable groups and respecting sanitation workers. In 2016, the public welfare brand project "Sinopec Gas Stations of Love · Sanitation Workers' Lounges" was launched in Jiangsu. In 2018, the large scale public welfare project was launched in 13 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities under the central government) in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and the Sichuan-Chongqing Region. The project combines public welfare with the main business of Sinopec. Gas stations are used as platforms and are equipped with basic service facilities such as air-conditioners, microwave ovens, thermoses, lockers, books and newspapers, and WIFI. These facilities provide services such as cooling, heating, water, meal warming, WIFI, reading, and rest for sanitation workers. By the end of 2020, Sinopec had established sanitation worker lounges in a total of 2,617 gas stations across the country, and almost 5,000 volunteers had participated allowing sanitation workers to enjoy breaks during work.

On "Learn from Lei Feng Day" in 2020, Sinopec Beijing Oil Products Company gave one box of masks to each of the traffic policemen and sanitation workers in 169 gas stations with "Warm Inn for Staff" and 22 gas station with "Sanitation Workers' Lounges". This work supports the heroes who stuck to their posts and served the public in the critical period against COVID-19. In the cold-air outbreak in 2021, Sinopec "Sanitation Workers' Lounges" served health tea, hot soybean milk, warm ginger tea, hand warmers, and hand creams to sanitation and construction workers, delivery men, and traffic policemen.

Brand Welfare

Sinopec encourages and supports its own brands to organize public benefit activities which help to improve the brand value and influence whilst conveying positive energy to the society.

The Sinopec Lubricant Company has held the "Experience Camp for Chinese Astronauts" for 12 consecutive years. It has also organized the "Cheering Squad for Chinese Aerospace" for 10 consecutive years, and continuously carries out the "Happiness 1+1" plan. These activities have created opportunities for ordinary people to obtain access to Chinese aerospace, advocate the aerospace spirit, and spread the aerospace culture. Among these activities, the "Experience Camp for Chinese Astronauts" is the most continuous and influential public benefit activity of aerospace popularity education in China.

In October 2020, the Sinopec Lubricant Company worked together with public benefit units such as Carpool and Easy Joy in launching the public benefit activity "Seeking the Best Chinese Car Owners", in which car owners were encouraged to record and convey good traffic behaviors on their travels and to set examples for safe and courteous driving.

Recently, "Easy Joy · Zhuoma Spring" has fulfilled its social responsibility by developing and spreading the spirit and the culture of sports and has assisted with many large-scale sports events. In 2020, "Easy Joy · Zhuoma Spring" upgraded its approach to public benefits and sponsored the "Easy Joy" Express, to support the return to work and production.

Society Services

Rescue and relief

In March 2020, a wild fire attacked Xichang, Sichuan. Sinopec Sichuan Petroleum Company started the emergency plan without delay. Whilst ensuring the safe manufacturing of gas stations near the fire, Sinopec strengthened the resource allocation, and opened easy access to secure oil supplies for disaster relief.

In July 2020, Southern China suffered from many rounds of torrential rains and floods. Sinopec donated supplies for flood prevention to the flood-stricken areas in Jiangxi and Yingshang County, Anhui. It also secured oil resources to assist with disaster relief.

Law Popularization in the Society

Sinopec actively participates in law popularization in society. It has organized quizzes of constitutional knowledge with the theme of "Sinopec Law Popularization" for six consecutive years. The activities have guided the public to learn about constitutional knowledge, advocate the spirit of the Constitution, and maintain the authority of the Constitution. It continues to donate RMB 1 million to the China Legal Aid Foundation to support legal aid volunteer services.

Serving busy season

The periods of "spring ploughing", "summer harvesting" and "autumn sowing and ploughing" are the peak periods of oil consumption in farming. To secure agricultural production and the supply of farming machine oil, Sinopec strengthens communication and service based on the market through various measures. It has contributed to the harvest of agricultural products by building agricultural assistance groups, customizing premium policies, opening green channels, and delivering oil to farms and fields for free.

Voluntary Services

With the principles of "dedication, friendliness, mutual assistance, and progress", Sinopec organizes its employees to participate in volunteer activities to serve society and convey positive energy. The volunteer activities from points to areas, from enterprises to the society, and from activity to normality have turned the volunteer service spirit of Sinopec into a unique "Sinopec culture", which is understood and practiced by all of its employees.

Environmental Welfare

Sinopec regards the practice of environmental benefits as a focus for building ecological civilization. It guides employees and the public to participate in environmental protection through various environmental activities aiming to make the livable home greener and more colorful.
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