Safe Operation

Sinopec continued to complete the HSSE management system, improve the safety management mechanism, and strengthen the implementation of responsibility. Sinopec promoted a three-year action plan for improving work safety by conducting special investigations to comprehensively identify risks and address hidden troubles. It continuously improved contractor safety management levels, and stuck to strong management and institutional management in parallel. It strengthened public safety management, and strictly and faithfully improved intrinsic safety and set a solid safety foundation for high-quality development.

HSSE Management Systems (HSSE-MS)

The HSSE management system of Sinopec is the guideline that must be followed by managers at all levels and all employees during production and operation. Each enterprise integrates the HSSE management system requirements into the daily work of responsible departments to guarantee effective operation of the system, and normal running of each link, thus assisting in the safe and stable development of the Company.

Safety risk prevention and control

Sinopec adheres to the target of "starting from zero and striving for zero", and takes "identifying large risk, eliminating big hidden trouble and preventing serious accidents" as the main line, and intensified prevention and control of safety risks to improve safety emergency management and treatment levels.

Risk identification and control and hidden trouble investigation and management

Sinopec continued to lay a solid foundation for safety risk management and control. It organized the preparation of a safety risk checklist for typical equipment, and promoted its application to standardize risk assessment of the equipment. It optimized and upgraded the Risk Analysis and Management System (PHAMS), perfected the security and reliability database, and promoted its application in refinery enterprises. Moreover, it standardized the Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) institution management, and conducted QRA for external protection objectives to set up basic data of external risk prevention.

Sinopec strengthened prevention and control of major safety risks. It issued a list of key controlled safety risks and systematic safety risks to the group companies, put forward a list of disruptive safety risks based on research, and promoted a multi-level responsibility contracting management and control mechanism for leading officials. Therefore, 13 major safety risks of the group companies were eliminated or degraded. It studied and formulated eight systematic safety risk management and control schemes, and promoted their application. Moreover, it guided companies to conduct anti-knock control to effectively reduce safety risks in control rooms and cabinet rooms.

Sinopec intensively investigated and rectified hidden troubles. It organized the investigation and rectification of potential leakage hazards, analyzed leakage rule of refinery enterprises over the past five years, and guided the subsidiaries to investigate. Each subsidiary adhered to the concept of "a leakage equals an accident", and investigated and rectified leakage hazards by drawing inferences from one instance. In consideration of the three-year action plan for improving work safety, it intensively dealt with some safety hazards; for example, the seal oil and gas of a floating plate of an external floater exceeded established limits, and the independent safety instrumented system (SIS) was defective.

Emergency management

Sinopec perfected the emergency rescue system. It revised the overall plan of subsidiary groups and the special plans for production safety, and supplemented principles for emergency response of coal mine accidents. It guided enterprises based in Sichuan to revise and improve relevant plans on safety risks regarding leaks in a sulfur-containing natural gas pipeline and frequent geological disasters. In addition, it completed construction of an emergency command platform to effectively improve the emergency response capacity.

Sinopec promoted capacity improvement through exercises. It enhanced pertinence and practical effect of emergency exercise and organized exercise assessment to improve comprehensive emergency capability. Moreover, it conducted full-scale exercises of a major fire accident to inspect and improve the company’s ability to cope with common and severely serious accidents.

Sinopec intensified the building of full-time and part-time emergency teams. It promoted the transformation of a full-time fire brigade to a comprehensive emergency rescue team, intensified functions of emergency rescue, fire and air protection custody, monitoring and early warning, and fire supervision, and improved the comprehensive emergency rescue capability of the full-time team. Furthermore, it strengthened the construction of voluntary emergency response teams of basic level units, clarified construction targets and requirements, and improved the initial emergency response capability of the front lines of basic level units.

Contractor safety

Sinopec formulated the implementation plan for contracting of "top leader" contractors on safety risks in 2020, which, based on a clear responsibility list for "top leader" contractors, urged and instructed them to strengthen their internal management. We also carried out team construction, and made concentrated efforts to resolve difficulties and bottlenecks in contractors' safety control. For manufacturers, Sinopec conducted special safety inspections with "field investigation without notice and report" on contractors and direct operators, and instructed contractors how to check and rectify according to the inspection results. Accountability and safety scoring systems were introduced, and unqualified contractors were removed. For contractors whose actions were in violation of safety regulations, Sinopec punished them with fines and partial work stoppage, so as to enhance their safety awareness.

Public security

Sinopec deployed anti-UAV active defense systems to effectively prevent new security risks according to the construction-related requirements in national public security industry standards and the key targets of public security anti-terrorism prevention. Sinopec upgraded its security precautions and was responsible for the security of major events and conferences such as the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the 3rd China International Import Expo. For the seventh consecutive year, Sinopec carried out the clearance of explosive remnants from exploration in Xinjiang, a safety of 20,000 kilometers was cleared and fully recognized by the regional government.

Sinopec continued to adhere to the concept of "people-oriented, prevention as the main means, and safe development" for its overseas public security efforts. In terms of overseas Covid-19 control, Sinopec performed simultaneous tasks including improving the overseas public security management system and operation mechanism, risk assessment and control, risk prevention and security assurance, and emergency response and rescue. Sinopec has maintained the public security record of "zero deaths" overseas for 13 consecutive years, which serves as exceptionally strong proof that the life, health, and safety of overseas employees are guaranteed, as well as the stability of the team and the stable operation of overseas production and operation.

Emergency drill of out-of-control blowout of Sinopec Northwest Oil Field
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